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 I am never really any good with these things, I kind of feel like I am at a job interview. So let's see, what can I tell you about me and my little blog thingy? Ok well I am an avid reader and have been doing since I first learned how. About a year ago I became a part of the review world. I am in no way a professional and I pretty much do it for the fun of it. I have no rules and no guidelines for myself, well except for I always have to be completely honest. And you can tell by my reviews that I have posted so far that I have no problem at all with that. I add my personality to every review and I know things don't always make sense but I bet you laughed(hopefully). I usually stick to romance books but I have been know to pick up others if the cover and synopsis garb my attention. I currently help out on a couple blogs and reviews teams plus I am an occasionally guest reviewer on one. 

 To tell you about me well, I am a 30+ year old stay at home mom. I went completely blind about two years ago. But with a couple of eyes surgeries I now have complete vision back in one eye. I have a serious weakness for tattoos and I am currently proudly showing off 12 of my own. Yeahhhh, so that's it for now. 

Claimed (Club Sin #1) by Stacey Kennedy

Claimed  - Stacey Kennedy

This book was given to me by Netgalley for an honest review. 

 He called her "doll". Sigh I believe in that instant I even became his. Geez with a simple term of endearment and I was just a melted puddle of goo. Ok I will get back to that. So I may be a little hooked to a character because of a single , oops. We will start with Presley, I liked her. Of course at first she came off as shy and maybe a little uncontrolled. I say that because she could't control her need to please and be rewarded. I understand that need a little but I am not one to put myself down just to make sure someone is happy. I liked who she began to grow into once she realized how she was acting. I still think she may have jumped a little into the whole collaring thing but ehh that is just me. Now to Dimitri, it all started with the name. I have a serious love for the name Dimitri on a man. Always have, and the simple fact that he called her "doll" I believe it is now my main focus in life to find a hot guy with that name and that calls me doll. Lol Besides that I did like his character. He made a nice soft DOM(I know those 2 words don't go together but I have my own reasons for them) who even though he may have thought he had total control but in a way he didn't and I did like that about him. Like I said maybe the collaring may have been a little rushed for me but it seemed to work for them. 

 Now to the story, I actually enjoyed it. Some authors seem to think anything having to do with BDSM always has to be hard and maybe a little scary but this showed a softer side to it. It was a nice change for once. At times the story did kind of get a little slow maybe even dull for me but it didn't stay that way. I wish maybe the scenes were a little longer and maybe a little more detail or story was added to them but they worked. Writing was good, saw maybe a couple of errors but nothing dramatic. So overall I enjoyed this story and hope to read more from the author in the future. Plus I mean come on now, the man called her DOLL, yes I know that I may need a little help.