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 I am never really any good with these things, I kind of feel like I am at a job interview. So let's see, what can I tell you about me and my little blog thingy? Ok well I am an avid reader and have been doing since I first learned how. About a year ago I became a part of the review world. I am in no way a professional and I pretty much do it for the fun of it. I have no rules and no guidelines for myself, well except for I always have to be completely honest. And you can tell by my reviews that I have posted so far that I have no problem at all with that. I add my personality to every review and I know things don't always make sense but I bet you laughed(hopefully). I usually stick to romance books but I have been know to pick up others if the cover and synopsis garb my attention. I currently help out on a couple blogs and reviews teams plus I am an occasionally guest reviewer on one. 

 To tell you about me well, I am a 30+ year old stay at home mom. I went completely blind about two years ago. But with a couple of eyes surgeries I now have complete vision back in one eye. I have a serious weakness for tattoos and I am currently proudly showing off 12 of my own. Yeahhhh, so that's it for now. 

Against the Ropes by Sarah Castile

Against the Ropes - Sarah Castille

*Sorry if this review is a little blah, Nyquil is great*
I was given this book by Netgalley for an honest review. 

 Bwahahahahahahahahahaha. let me tell you this book had me cracking up so much it wasn't even funny. I mean god it was so funny. I had tears running down my cheeks from laughing so hard. This book even came close to Tara Sivec and Alice Clayton in some parts. 

 I loved, loved the characters. Especially Mac, she was flippen fantastic. The girl has little filter and is just hilarious. And she was just so sweet at times, I am not gonna lie and say that it didn't make me a little nauseous at times lol. She is basically living her life one dull day at a time. The poor thing has a nasty little secret fear that she has carried with her since she was young, she has a fear of losing control. Either with herself or of a situations, she just can't risk losing it at anytime. But little does she know that all her will, will be tested the night she helps her best friend Amanda out at a side job. And this is where she meets Torment. He represents everything she has spent her whole life hiding from. He is an underground fighter that has to have control of everyone and everything. Violence is this guys middle name. And lord does he sound yummy, he's all alpha and he has tattoos. When these two get together it is just such a fantastic disaster. All they do is push and challenge each other in every way possible. It was great to see these two go at it. They were just so perfect fro each other, they just couldn't pull their heads out of their butts and see it. It was great watching him make Mac realize that she was a fighter and she made Torment realize that he did have and need love in his life. 

 Like I said this was a great story. It was hilarious, sadly though it did kind of lose some of that halfway through the book but it still had funny parts. And Mac, did seem to lose herself a little also. And part of the time i couldn't figure Torment out. But other that the story and characters changing a little halfway through the book, I still really enjoyed it and can't wait to read more from this author. Oh and good lord the sex in this book was just oh my goobers hot! Whewwwwwwwwwww!

My song for this book: Tear You Apart by She Wants Revenge