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 I am never really any good with these things, I kind of feel like I am at a job interview. So let's see, what can I tell you about me and my little blog thingy? Ok well I am an avid reader and have been doing since I first learned how. About a year ago I became a part of the review world. I am in no way a professional and I pretty much do it for the fun of it. I have no rules and no guidelines for myself, well except for I always have to be completely honest. And you can tell by my reviews that I have posted so far that I have no problem at all with that. I add my personality to every review and I know things don't always make sense but I bet you laughed(hopefully). I usually stick to romance books but I have been know to pick up others if the cover and synopsis garb my attention. I currently help out on a couple blogs and reviews teams plus I am an occasionally guest reviewer on one. 

 To tell you about me well, I am a 30+ year old stay at home mom. I went completely blind about two years ago. But with a couple of eyes surgeries I now have complete vision back in one eye. I have a serious weakness for tattoos and I am currently proudly showing off 12 of my own. Yeahhhh, so that's it for now. 

Eyes Wide Open By Raine Miller

Eyes Wide Open  - Raine Miller

I was given this book from Netgalley for an honest review.

 So, I am a little sad to say that I may be a little happy that this trilogy is at it's end. But, I would like to add that out of the 3 this was my favorite book. On to the characters. Well here we have sweet little Brynne. What can I say about her that you don't already know. I am sure that you already know her tale from the other two books, so let me give you my impression. Bry, Bry dear sweet Bry. Please pick one personality and stick with it. You are either the spunky submissive or the insecure doormat. Now don't get me wrong, I understand her reasons for being both but come on stick to one for more than a chapter please. I actually did like the spunky submissive side of her though. I probably would of been a complete submissive when it came to Ethan also. And that leads me to Ethan. He started out somewhat controlling and then all of a sudden turned into no holds bar I-may-need-to-go-into-witness-protection-to-get-away-from-him guy. Yikes, I get he may be a tad(HA!) controlling, dominate and intense but wowwwwww. I really felt sorry for her at first. But as the books went on he kind of loosened up some, which I was thankful for. By book 3 I found him quite yummy, so I kind of forgave him for his earlier bad behavior. All in all by the end, both characters calmed and leveled and grew on me. And by the way, no one and I mean no one has that much hot steamy sex lol.

Like I said earlier the story got better with each book and so did the writing. If you paid close attention, you can see the change in the style. Things were better written out and the story just more complete. As I said this was my favorite book out of the three. I will say that it was kind of anticlimactic for me though. I needed a bigger bang there lol. There just wasn't enough "boom" for me when it all came to the end. And come on I want to know if they are having a boy or a girl. Did Raine tell us somewhere and I just missed it? Hmmm? Character that grew on me, hot British accents,plot that kind of fizzled and way to many orgasms fro one trilogy led me to my 4 star rating.

My song for this book: #1 Crush by Garbage


* I found out not long after I did this review that there will be a 4th book*