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 I am never really any good with these things, I kind of feel like I am at a job interview. So let's see, what can I tell you about me and my little blog thingy? Ok well I am an avid reader and have been doing since I first learned how. About a year ago I became a part of the review world. I am in no way a professional and I pretty much do it for the fun of it. I have no rules and no guidelines for myself, well except for I always have to be completely honest. And you can tell by my reviews that I have posted so far that I have no problem at all with that. I add my personality to every review and I know things don't always make sense but I bet you laughed(hopefully). I usually stick to romance books but I have been know to pick up others if the cover and synopsis garb my attention. I currently help out on a couple blogs and reviews teams plus I am an occasionally guest reviewer on one. 

 To tell you about me well, I am a 30+ year old stay at home mom. I went completely blind about two years ago. But with a couple of eyes surgeries I now have complete vision back in one eye. I have a serious weakness for tattoos and I am currently proudly showing off 12 of my own. Yeahhhh, so that's it for now. 

Along Came Trouble by Erin Kern

Along Came Trouble - Erin Kern

I received this book from Netgalley for an honest review.


 The thing I have yet to figure out is why. Why did I stay up till 3 A.M. reading this story? And trust me I know how bad that sounds but I really am not saying this book was terrible. I mean, I did stay up reading it lol. It wasn't horrible but it wasn't great. It just...was. You know?


 The characters, wellll what can I say. I liked Elisa some of the time. Well the only times I really liked her were when she wasn't being a twatty idiot. Yes, yes I said twatty. Apparently she is a photographer who is a little down on her luck and men. She sworn off men when her ex broke her heart by admitting he was gay. Ok, so I can kind of understand that but I may have asked to at least watch. Yeah yeah I know, bad me. So anyways she is living in the small town of Trouble, hoping to one day get her big break. One day she gets called about a job to take pictures of some food for an article. And this is how we meet Brody. He is the manager of a restaurant that is having a little trouble, in Trouble. Haha And he has also kind of sworn off women, well serious women anyway, after a nasty divorce. I swooned over this man for quite awhile. I mean he had some cheesy lines going on. Look, I'm sorry but I love me some cheesy lines and thoughts. They make me swoon faster than some smooth talking. Plus some of the talking he did was just hot. And apparently he smells good. He is busy trying to save his restaurant and his relationship with his son when he meets Elisa and the sparks fly. Little do they know that they have a common friend. And through this friend they start to get close. Some walls are broken down and then the author slaps me in the face with one of my biggest "No, Nos" in a book. I have two and this man committed one. I was so done with him after this. My every other note was me telling ol girl to punch him in his balls or to run away. But sigh she loved him and she stayed. But you have to read what all happened in the end. Did he finally give love a chance? Save his restaurant and relationship with his son? And did Elisa finally trust him? Read it and find out what actually takes place in Trouble.


 Now onto the story. Oh lord I got so bored during this book, but like I said, for some odd reason there was something about it that hooked me. I will point out that I loved the fact that the author put Elisa in cotton undies. Come on now ladies we all don't wear silk or lace everyday, jeez. And there really was some cheesy lines that I just fell all over. And oh god the part with the dog, I cried like a two year old. But oh the end, that was it? That was really all we got? Come on now, the author brought up a major point with this couple when they first stated kind of seeing each other and it was never mentioned again. Ugh, I hate unanswered questions. Some of the writing drove me crazy. It almost seemed like it was two different people writing at times. Got a little odd. But yeah, I can't really think of much more I can say here. So anyways, the characters were ok and the story was ok. Best parts for me were the lines and the sex.


Song for this book: Poison & Wine by The Civil Wars


My favorite note from this book: A..B...c....PUSSY!
(you'll have to read the book to understand)