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 I am never really any good with these things, I kind of feel like I am at a job interview. So let's see, what can I tell you about me and my little blog thingy? Ok well I am an avid reader and have been doing since I first learned how. About a year ago I became a part of the review world. I am in no way a professional and I pretty much do it for the fun of it. I have no rules and no guidelines for myself, well except for I always have to be completely honest. And you can tell by my reviews that I have posted so far that I have no problem at all with that. I add my personality to every review and I know things don't always make sense but I bet you laughed(hopefully). I usually stick to romance books but I have been know to pick up others if the cover and synopsis garb my attention. I currently help out on a couple blogs and reviews teams plus I am an occasionally guest reviewer on one. 

 To tell you about me well, I am a 30+ year old stay at home mom. I went completely blind about two years ago. But with a couple of eyes surgeries I now have complete vision back in one eye. I have a serious weakness for tattoos and I am currently proudly showing off 12 of my own. Yeahhhh, so that's it for now. 

Unclaimed (The Amoveo Legend) by Sara Humphreys

Unclaimed - Sara  Humphreys

  Ok, so I am starting a little late in the game for this series, but I did research first to see if these could be read as stand alone. I was very excited to see that they could be. The only downside was that there were a few characters that I didn't really know, I caught bits and pieces of their back stories but ehhh. So my advice is, you can read it as a stand alone but it may be better to read the other first.


 But what I can tell you is that I loved this book. I think for once I actually loved the characters and story more than the sex lol. That is a little unheard of for me. Now don't get me wrong, the sex was damn sure yummy. But this time it wasn't at the very top of my list. So we meet Tatiana, whom is a hybrid wolf shifter. She is part Amoveo and part human. She works as a vet because she has an affinity with animals, she can read their energy waves. One day while working she is visited by her sister who is fully embracing her hybrid life. Oh I forgot to mention that Tat would like to forget she is anything but human. Her sister needs her to come to the ranch she is living at to investigate the Prince of the Amoveo's horses. They have become very ill and one has died. After some convincing she decides to go. Unfortunately a few minutes after arriving she runs into her, dun dun dun, fated mate. The one thing she has been trying to avoid for a couple of years now. And this is where we meet my future husband Dominic. I have to drool here for a minute, I love him. He is now in my Top 5 male shifter list. He made me swoon, tear up, wanna smack him and had me fanning my face all at the same time. I believe I loved every single thing that came out of his mouth. I also loved that even though he was all yummy alpha goodness, he wasn't sniffing everything's ass that walked by. While he was making Tat's heart melt, he didn't have some hoe hanging off of him nor did he smell like vagina. Lol this is an unheard of characteristic lately, and I love him a little bit more for it. Now that I am done drooling. Poor old Dominic thought he had his life planned. All he had to do was keep the prince safe, find his mate or loose his Amoveo abilities. Life was good until that fateful day he tackled his mate before he had the chance to meet her. What happens next is days of fighting, flirting, death, heartache, laughs , mystery and pretty much anything else you can throw in there lol. But the biggest thing is will Tat finally come around and accept who she is? Will she accept Dominic and everything about him as her mate?


 I can not wait to read the other books in this series because apparently I have missed some pretty important stuff in my life. I loved this story. The writing was fantastic and it constantly kept me o my toes. I honestly don't think I was bored for even a second. There was really only two things, well maybe 1 1/5 things, that I kind of didn't like. I kind of wish they wouldn't of met or at least realized they were mates so quick after meeting. But then again I did like this because it wasn't the usual for these types of stories. Also the end, sigh. Well it just kind of ended. I mean did they have were tiger wolf babies? I needed a little more to their ending, but I am sure we will still get bits and pieces in the next books, well if there are more books lol. So I loved the story, the characters and the sex made me jealous. Oh and by the way stay away from Dom ladies and gentlemen, he is mine.


My song for this book: Sugar by Wanderhouse