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 I am never really any good with these things, I kind of feel like I am at a job interview. So let's see, what can I tell you about me and my little blog thingy? Ok well I am an avid reader and have been doing since I first learned how. About a year ago I became a part of the review world. I am in no way a professional and I pretty much do it for the fun of it. I have no rules and no guidelines for myself, well except for I always have to be completely honest. And you can tell by my reviews that I have posted so far that I have no problem at all with that. I add my personality to every review and I know things don't always make sense but I bet you laughed(hopefully). I usually stick to romance books but I have been know to pick up others if the cover and synopsis garb my attention. I currently help out on a couple blogs and reviews teams plus I am an occasionally guest reviewer on one. 

 To tell you about me well, I am a 30+ year old stay at home mom. I went completely blind about two years ago. But with a couple of eyes surgeries I now have complete vision back in one eye. I have a serious weakness for tattoos and I am currently proudly showing off 12 of my own. Yeahhhh, so that's it for now. 

Vendetta by Jennifer Moulton

Vendetta - Jennifer Moulton

I was given this book for an honest review. 


So this story just grabbed you from the start, I mean it literally and figuratively started out with a bang. Sorry my bad humor is here.  We are first introduced to Vin, he's a cop, a badass and a loving big brother. And sadly, one day while doing the right thing everything ends  in  tragedy. Vin comes to find out that he has lost everything except for the one light in his life his daughter Lily. And from here we go on a story of loss, betrayal, forgiveness and new love with Vin(Mark) and Lily(Allie).
 You noticed I said this story started out with a bang right? Well sadly that bang went boom and fizzeled. I really had high hopes for this story. It seemed like a great idea and I was all for it, for awhile there. But it soon lost me somewhere along the way. I am not sure it was all just the story though. The writing seemed somewhat rushed in places and at times it was all over the place. I got a headache from trying to keep up with all that was going on here it was just so much at times. I was tempted to put this book down and give up a couple times, I almost didn't finish it. But the story idea, I really did like where it was going but in the middle it kind of fell flat for me. Although I will say that the way everything come out into  the light close to the end was pretty good. I really didn't see that coming. Afterall I was kinda glad I stuck with the story though because it may have been a little cheesy but I like where it ended up. 
 Now onto the characters. Well Vin(Mark) I liked him at first but like the rest I lost interest. To me he just never seemed natural, he always seemed so stiff. Like he was always wearing a mask, I know he was in hiding but relax some man. Besides when he was with his daughter, did you actually ever see the man joke or smile? He was all Mr. No Personality all the time, it drove me nuts. I do kind of understand why he was all gruff and stuff but gee man hold of the testosterone for a bit. Go punch a pillow or knit a sweater, something. Now I will say that I did like Lily(Allie) when she was in the story, I kind of wish there would of been more of her in it. I understand why she wasn't but ehh. She seemed to be the complete opposite of Vin, she was sweet and light hearted. She never let anything hold her back and pretty much did what she wanted. So yeah I liked her. But I am glad they got their HEA and all rode off into the sunset together. Overall, the story was kind of not there for me but one of the characters made up for it. Now would I recommend this story to others? Well the answer is a definite yes. Hey I think every story deserves a chance to be told.
My song for this book: Run To You by Bryan Adams

Broken Beauty by Lizzy Ford

Broken Beauty - Lizzy Ford, Chloe Adams

I received this book from Netgalley for an honest review.


 Oh, I got pissed and I cried a lot during this book. This is such a haunting horrible beautifully written story, yeah that's a lot huh? Some of this book was hard for me to read because it hit home in some places. At times all I wanted to do was throw up or scream. And oh Mia, at times I wanted to hit her for being so naive. Did I miss how old she really is? I can somewhat understand why she acts the way she does when it comes to the real world. But at the same time, I just wanted to hold her, part of me pitied her and part of me thought she was so strong for surviving the life she was given. I can honestly say I am not sure I will be able to read more from this series but I know I will try. And by the way, this is a great story. So grab some tissues for the tears and a pillow to punch before reading this book.


My song for this book: For You by Staind

Legend (An Eros Sister Novella) by T.M. Scott

Legend (An Eros Sister's Novella) - T.M. Scott

I was given this book for an honest review. 

 This short little read was an ok book. It wasn't horrible and it wasn't great, it was just ok. So let's talk about the characters, I just didn't get Legend. What was his story? What was his purpose? I mean who was he, why did he go by Legend instead of Sethos? So many questions. And Symphoni was the same way. You hardly know anything about her and what her deal is. Not really having any info on these characters really drove me nuts. I am kind of at a loss on how to feel about them. I mean of course Legend sounded hot and Symphoni was spunky, but that was it. Heck the same could be said about Legend's sister, Kassandra. Sigh.

 And I guess the same could really be said about the story. I mean I really had no idea what was going on half the time. So much was missing from this story. I will point the stuff out again, who were the characters, what was going on half the time, what was the reason that Legend first started stalking Symphoni? Why was she training so hard and exactly what are Legend and Kassandra? They aren't Titans and they aren't Olympians, so what are they? I mean the story seemed like it would of been really goo if there wouldn't have been so many holes in it. And let me be completely honest here, I would live a much happier life if I never see these words again, "hazel eyes". The author used these words 21 times, yes that's right 21. Ahhhh! I know that it seems like I am mainly complaining but I will say that this was a neat story that had some interesting ideas. Plus, I am a sucker for a story that involves Greek Mythology. Oh and I really didn't get the end, so now I will definitely be reading the next book in hopes of getting some much needed answers to all my questions. 

My song for this book: Passive by A Perfect Circle.

Tempted by Two by Portia Da Costa

Tempted by Two - Portia Da Costa

I received this book from Netgally for an honest review. 

 Sadly I wasn't very tempted by this book. Don't get me wrong it had some serious hot moments. But that was really all there was to this story. So I liked the guys. Marcus was hot, eccentric and an artist. An Owen seemed like your down to earth, ummm? Author? Business manager? You know I am not really sure what he was, except for also hot. But what you do know for sure is that these two are lovers that have been together for awhile. And Katie was well, just Katie. I mean she was kind of a mystery most of the time. I just couldn't connect with her. So as I said, Marcus and Owen are lovers who occasionally like to add some extra spice to their relationship and this is where you meet Katie. So after some doubts she joins them in what became a hot erotic fun filled holiday. But when it is time to say goodbye, they all realize that no one wants it to be goodbye. So what happens, do they stay a wonderful trio or does Katie go her separate way?

 The story was just kind of bland. I mean besides the holy jumping bananas sex there was really nothing else to it. There wasn't much story. I didn't really get to know much about the characters, although I do know what their favorite sexual positions are lol. It wasn't bad writing, just ehh story and characters. 

My song for this book: Ring My Bell by Enrique Iglesias

Cake by Lauren Dane

Cake - Lauren Dane

I received this book from Netgalley for an honest review.


 Sigh, I had such high hopes going into this book. Especially when the author went on to describe Gregori. But I will get into that later. I am not exactly sure where this book lost it but it really did lose it for me. To me it just started out with such promise but ehh nope. Now Wren I liked her at first and I did like things about her. I liked how she knew what she wanted and didn't let anything stop her from getting it. But sometimes she just seemed one sided. That was pretty much all the personality you got from her. Like the book said, she was a bulldog and that was really all you ever got from her. I mean come on, I just wanted a little more from her. It was really only like you got to see the real her when she was with Gregori. Now hmmm Gregori. Let me tell you the way the author introduced him was quite unforgettable. This man, is pretty much my dream man. Tattoos, a mohawk, muscles, a foreign accent and he is an artist. Yeppers, I am changing my last name as we speak. But that was really where it stopped. He gave off little hints of him having alpha in him, but the attempts at it kind of fell flat for me. Ahhh and the story, yep it bored me. I liked the sex and some of the discussions and the actions between them. But the story seemed to rushed and it was just missing the "more" that made it a believable story, stuff was just to tidy and easily fixed for me. So overall ok characters, hot sex and a huh story. Yep, that;s about it.


My song for this book: Hanging By a Moment by Lifehouse

Everything You Need to Know by HelenKay Dimon

Everything You Need to Know - HelenKay Dimon

I received this book from Netgalley for an honest review.


 This was a good book. It was a funny read, I was either giggling or smirking throughout the whole thing. And with the day I have had, that was definitely needed. And let me tell you, the humor is really what made this book. Now don't get me wrong, this really was a good story and I thought the characters were great. Heck, I was even excited because the author used the word underwear instead of panties. Yes I hate, HATE that word. Sigh, but sadly soon the word panties was thrown in there. But that and some downtime where the story seemed to slow down some are my only complaints.


 So the characters were wonderful. I really liked Jordan and her feisty attitude. Her best friend was hilarious also. Some of the things that came out of their mouths had me busing out laughing. Especially when they were talking about the guys on the website they had. Some of the stuff I believe a couple of the guys I have dated are guilty of doing. So anyways, her story is after losing her job and having a few horrible dates, she decides to start a website to make woman aware of what they may be getting themselves into. I think that was a fantastic idea, maybe I should start one here. So while working her temp job and investigating a gentleman (ha!) for her site, she meets the elusive Forrest Redder. He was actually a little bit of a change from the guys I have been reading about lately. He had a little bit of alpha in him but the man didn't breathe it. But that did seem to fit him. Now he seems to notice Jordan and he can not seem to get her out of his head. And here our little tale starts. He is all of a sudden on a mission to get Jordan and learn all her secrets. As he said in the book, he loves a challenge. I really thought they were ok with each other but the seemed to show more passion and feelings in the bedroom. Outside of it there were cute but ehh I didn't get much from them. So together they get about a 4.5, individually I would give her a 8 and him a 7. So as I said the humor is what really made this book, the characters were likable and the story was good. I really do wish you could do halves on Goodreads because I would give this book a 3.5.


My song for this book: Happy by Ashanti

Hot Mess by Lynn Raye Harris

Hot Mess - Lynn Raye Harris

I received this book from Netgalley for an honest review.


 I thought this was a good book. The only thing that I didn't really like was how things seemed to be rushed sometimes. Things just seemed to happen way to quickly and there wasn't much story to it. The sex was pretty hot, well what little you got to read about it. I mean it was way to wham bam thank you mam with the writing for these scenes, I was a little disappointed. But I will say that I loved the dirty talking, that made up for the scenes. It did have some funny moments and there were just a few awe moments. I liked Georgie most of the time, she did get a little annoying. But she did have some hidden spunk to her that drew me in. As far as Sam goes, well he didn't make me swoon. He was almost shallow. I did like that he had respect for G and yum the man had tattoos. But that was really all I got from him. I was also expecting more from the climax, when it all came down to the action...there was just nothing. It was a simple phone call and it was all over. Ehhh, blah. I was hoping for some shock and awe from these HOT guys. But nope, nothing. So over ll, I liked some of the book, the story was ehh and the characters were ok. But I will probably still read more from this series just because I want to see how it goes.


My song for this book: Kissed You Goodnight by Gloriana

Savin' Me (A Heat Wave Novel #1) by Alannah Lynne

Savin' Me  - Alannah Lynne

I was given this book for an honest review.


 Oh how I liked this book, it made me giggle..a lot. Now let me tell you most likely the main reason why I liked this book, the sexual innuendos. Yep you read that right lol. I can't help it, part of my brain is a 15 year old boy. I bet 97.3% of the time,I can take anything you say and make it perverted. You can tell me about a marshmallow getting stuck to a wall and in my head I have already came up with 8 different ways to turn that all around. I should probably seek help for this little problem but I enjoy the entertainment.


So we start out by meeting Erik and from this man's first thought, I was already swooning. I found it cute how he tried to act all manly and not lu-lu(haha) whipped in front of his boy, even though I wanted to kick him for it. Own your actions man, own them! You come to find out that although he may be a playboy, there is a part of him that is struggling daily. I do feel like though, the author just barely skimmed the surface with him. I felt like she may have left out an important part of him. But I did like him, especially the caveman part. Sorry this woman likes some cavemen lol. He was just missing tattoos. So halfway through his introduction we meet Kat. Apparently these two shared a night of passion that has since stuck with Erik and after 13 months of looking for her, she is basically served to him on a silver platter. Now Kat, I liked the spunky side of her. She was funny and just seemed like a girl you would go have drinks with. And the simple fact that she was the one to hightail it the next morning after their first encounter made me want to hug her and buy her a cookie. The one thing I didn't like about her, was how easily she just put herself out there for Erik. I know she put up a little fight but I wish she would of held out some more. At times it almost seemed to rushed, maybe even forced between them. You do find out that the both of them have a troubled family life and that does help to bring them more together. And you eventually find out what past event has stained Erik's soul. Now I kind of get what his deal was. I really did like his determination to win Kat over, even though he thought that nothing would ever come put of it. So the big question is, did he win her over just to throw it all away? Did Kat ever let go of some of the hurts from her past and give herself the chance to live? Hmmmm?


 As far as the story goes I enjoyed it. There was some humor, romance and a little heartache. I may have teared up a little in a couple of spots and also called Erik some ugly names in my notes. The only downside I found in this book was, to me it seemed like at times the author over did it with details. Three paragraphs later and she is still describing the entryway to the house. I appreciate some detail but ehh it seemed like to much for me. Oh the other thing, I didn't like was, Erik made it seem like that even after Kat that he dated but didn't sleep with anyone. But later you find out he did, while once again she became the born again virgin. For once I wish authors would reverse this role. But don't worry I am not holding this against her, I am just stating my opinion on the matter. I also thought the end was kind of blah, I couldn't believe that was it. I wanted more from them, more answers or something. But overall I really liked Erik and Kat, oh and lets not forget Little Bit and Grandpa! I really enjoyed the story, I honestly did bust out laughing a few times and considered going and getting a glass of ice water for those steamy parts. Whew! I can not wait to read the rest of this series.


My song for this book: Bloodstream by Stateless

Taboo Kisses by Gracen Miller

Taboo Kisses - Ms Gracen Miller

I was given this book for an honest review.


 I had actually read this book awhile back, so I had the pleasure of rereading it so I could do this review. Lord and do I ever mean PLEASURE! I am telling you this book had me saying the most random things out loud. Thank goodness I was home alone at the time. I seriously had to put he book down and walk around the house. It was just so damn hot. I mean frankenfurter, grrrrr. See what I mean, I can hardly form rational thought here and I finished the book over 10 mins ago.


 We get to meet Gabriel and Maximus first. YUMMY! They are a mated shifter and vampyr and I do believe I am now relocating to that city in Alabama so I can properly stalk these two. And let me tell you, I will not hide in shame either, I am going to be all out in the open about it. Anyways, let me get my hormones in check here, So my two sin cakes were contacted about hunting another mystic down, after discussing the job with their less than truthful employer they turned it down. But that didn't stop them from wanting to find her and figure out what the big deal was and if she was truly what they said she was. And this is where we meet, Sameya. She is a very old and very sought after Siren. I found her adorable, I mean not only was she short but she has red and black hair. I think Gracen had me in mind when she created this character lol. She is out and about minding her own business and trying to find out who is plotting against her Empress. When she suddenly meets Gabriel, and she can't deny the attraction she feels towards him. She figures it's all a fluke until she sees him with Maximus and from there, try as she might she can't deny the truth. It seems that that she has found her mate, oh wait let's make that mates. Yeah, here I hit sudden jealousy lol. What happens after these two vagina whisperers have her is nothing short of mouth watering, underwear melting, chaotic excitement.


 For some odd reason Gab and Max have to convince her that she is meant to be with them. I understand her reluctance, after finding out what happens to a mated siren and the fact that she has been alone for so long. But I mean, come on now. Gab has tattoos and Max is pierced! lord is he ever pierced. Why would they have to convince anyone of anything? I figured out by this point that she was nuts. They could of asked me to paint myself with latex body paint, smother myself in baby oil and slide myself across a football field in the middle of the Superbowl, no convincing needed here. But sadly after gargantuas amounts of amazing sex, some very heartfelt actions and words she realizes she can't live without the two of them. Skank! Anyways, she finally gets to figure out who was after her Empress and her world is saved.


 I really liked this story. There was mystery, action, humor, love, passion, lots of passion. It was a story that seemed to have a little bit of everything. The only thing I was a little disappointed in, was how easily they defeated the bad guy. It was such a build-up, but ehhh, it just happened to easily. But that would be my only complaint. I love how Gracen writes, she doesn't seem to hold back, It seemed with this story the more exotic and erotic the better it got. So overall, I loved the characters and loved the story. And as always, I will definitely be reading more from her.


My song for this book: Glory Box by Portishead


Real by Katy Evans

Real  - Katy Evans

This book was given to me by Netgally for an honest review.


 So I finally hopped on the roller coaster know as Riptide and let me tell you it was a hell of a ride. Dear lord this book had me straight from the beginning and let me tel you I want to have this man's babies. Yesus!


 I want to start out by telling you that I hate Brooke! And no, not because I don't think she is a great character but because of the man she got paired with. I am actually quite jealous of a character, how freaking sad is that? Anyways, so Brooke is just making it through life with what she has. She lost a chance at her life's dream due to a career ending injury, so instead she goes to school to try to help people get through the despair she had felt for a while. One night on a crazy whim she goes to an underground fight with her best friend Mel. And that is where she meets him, the him of all hims lol. Remington "Riptide" Tate. I do believe this is the most alpha male I have yet to come across in a book and i read a lot of alpha books. Good lord, the man scented her, ugh! I am dying here, goooodnessse is so deliciously broken that he just sucks you up into his world. When he smiles you smile and when he goes black, you go black with him. I really did love both these characters. Brooke was so strong and stood up for anyone she thought was being let down, wither it was by themselves or someone else. And Remy was just so loving in his own way, that it melted me. I was a puddle right along with Brooke half the time. Let me tell you that Remy has now raised my alpha standards so high I am not even sure anyone will ever be able to reach them. Guhhhh.


 So on to the story, I really liked it. It did however have a few down times for me where it was just so much useless info that I scanned through some paragraphs. But overall I fell in love with the whole story, especially the characters. This story was so raw and the author never held back in any of it. She along with her characters told you exactly how it is and how it was going to be. I loved it, craved it even lol. Awesome, just awesome is all I can really think to say. I can not wait to read the rest from this series.


My song for this book: Eat You Alive by Limp Bizkit

First Ink (Wicked Ink Chronicles) by Laura Wright

First Ink - Laura Wright

I was given this book for an honest review.

 Ohhhhh...ohhhhhh my. Let me just tell you, I have 12 tattoos and not a one of my tattoo artist have been this yummy lol. And this book was just so damn hot, I felt like I needed a cigarette afterwards and I don't even smoke. Cold shower, cold shower!!

 I love Addison(Ads) so much. She is one of the first female characters that I have read about in a long time that was the one that screwed up. Finally! I am so tired of it always being the guy that messed up. And I really loved the fact that the whole time after she split that she wasn't a born again virgin. She actually got laid, a lot. I loved the fact that even though she knew what she did was completely jacked up, she still did what she did to get forgiveness. She goes up in the ranks of my top ten female characters. Now sweet googely mooogely, Rush. Lord that man is a sin lollipop. He has tattoos, he does tattoos and he just sounds delicious. I seriously just wanted to hug him...a lot...with more than my arms. TMI? And even though he had his heart totally trashed he still lived his life. And I loved the fact that when Ads showed up he didn't give into her in the first 5 mins, it took about 6 hours lol.

 I really did like the story. I really did love the fact that for once the roles were reversed. I was so happy that she was the bad guy, but part of me kind of wished he would of become the born again virgin lol. And the sex in this book was just guhhhh hot. I feel like I need to go lay down in a tub of ice now. But honestly with the story it was missing some oomph. I really do wish he wouldn't have given into Ads so easily. I wish he would of blew up a little more, you know, maybe yelled or smashed a liquor bottle. I don't know. They seem to show so much passion in the bed but out of it they seemed to fizzle a little. Which in turn made the story fizzle some. As I sit here and go over the story, I believe that may be what bothered me. But overall this was a great book and I can't wait to read more.

My song for this book: End of Heartache by Killswitch Engage.

Against the Ropes by Sarah Castile

Against the Ropes - Sarah Castille

*Sorry if this review is a little blah, Nyquil is great*
I was given this book by Netgalley for an honest review. 

 Bwahahahahahahahahahaha. let me tell you this book had me cracking up so much it wasn't even funny. I mean god it was so funny. I had tears running down my cheeks from laughing so hard. This book even came close to Tara Sivec and Alice Clayton in some parts. 

 I loved, loved the characters. Especially Mac, she was flippen fantastic. The girl has little filter and is just hilarious. And she was just so sweet at times, I am not gonna lie and say that it didn't make me a little nauseous at times lol. She is basically living her life one dull day at a time. The poor thing has a nasty little secret fear that she has carried with her since she was young, she has a fear of losing control. Either with herself or of a situations, she just can't risk losing it at anytime. But little does she know that all her will, will be tested the night she helps her best friend Amanda out at a side job. And this is where she meets Torment. He represents everything she has spent her whole life hiding from. He is an underground fighter that has to have control of everyone and everything. Violence is this guys middle name. And lord does he sound yummy, he's all alpha and he has tattoos. When these two get together it is just such a fantastic disaster. All they do is push and challenge each other in every way possible. It was great to see these two go at it. They were just so perfect fro each other, they just couldn't pull their heads out of their butts and see it. It was great watching him make Mac realize that she was a fighter and she made Torment realize that he did have and need love in his life. 

 Like I said this was a great story. It was hilarious, sadly though it did kind of lose some of that halfway through the book but it still had funny parts. And Mac, did seem to lose herself a little also. And part of the time i couldn't figure Torment out. But other that the story and characters changing a little halfway through the book, I still really enjoyed it and can't wait to read more from this author. Oh and good lord the sex in this book was just oh my goobers hot! Whewwwwwwwwwww!

My song for this book: Tear You Apart by She Wants Revenge

Two Times As Hot by Cat Johnson

Two Times as Hot - Cat Johnson

This book was given to me by Netgalley for an honest review.


 I don't have a lot to say about this book so this review will be short and sweet. So honestly, I liked this book but I didn't find it fantastic. It wasn't a bad story and the characters weren't all that bad. But nothing really stuck with me and held my interest. Ok maybe the flirting and the sex did. Oh let's not forget about the stalkers lol. But yeah that was it. There just seemed to be something missing for me. It could of been with the characters or the story, sadly I just can't seem to figure it out. Overall it was cute and had a couple of hot moments and some sad and sweet stuff. So yeah that is really about all i have to say.


My song for this book: Be My Baby Tonight - John Micheal Montgomery

Lalalalalala rubber duckies.........

 So, as of right now it looks like I will slowly be putting my reviews from Goodreads on here. There will be a lot of random posting for probably the next year lol. Please excuse the mess I am about to make because as you can see I am still testing the waters here and have yet to figure it all out. 

Heavy Metal Heart by Nico Rosso

Heavy Metal Heart - Nico Rosso

This book was given to me for an honest review.


 So this book started out just the way I like it, the first sentence had the word "f*cking" in it and there ya go. I may have been a little hooked from there. But seriously, I was all into how this book first starts out. You get to meet rock star hellion Trevor Sands. He was just oh so yummy right from the start, all I was waiting on was to find out he had tattoos and I would soon be sending out wedding invitations. Get ready to check your mail ladies and gentlemen, he has tattoos! You slowly start to learn through little hints and actions that he isn't your ordinary everyday cocky rock star but he's a demon. I loved how the author brought in some things from Greek mythology to tell a little about his background throughout the book. Let's just say he is a special guy with some special friends who has been around for thousands of years. And although he may be considered a legend, there were still legends told to them. As legend put it, there was a Muse created for every demon. Once this Muse was found the demon could only feed from them and they would become just like the demon and use the elements for their advantage. But in all those years none had found the one and just agreed it was all a story told around a fire. That is until Misty walks into one of his surprise concerts, totally throwing his world into a tailspin. Now Misty was just your everyday person trying to live day to day in a world that she feels she has never really lived in. That is until the day she decides to take a step outside the box and finally live for one night. After years of obsessing over Trevor and feeling like he wrote his songs for her, she finally goes to his show. And there she learns it was the best decision she has ever made. After a night of demons, wild sex, turmning fist into stone, fighting things that you thought never existed and learning you are way more than you ever thought, she realizes she can never go back to a life she once thought she was living to the fullest.


 So as you can tell I may be crushing a little on Trevor, I really did like him. He was cocky, tattooed, growly and the man had horns. Plus he talked like a man who hasn't slept in days lol. I loved the ramblings that came from his mouth sometimes. Sadly though as the story went on, he got on my nerves. He became very repetitive, he seemed to say the exact same thing but made it look different by twisting the words around. Ehh. The same went for Misty, I liked her at first but then she just drove me nuts. She went from being somewhat unbelieving of the situation to being all "Rah! Rah!" about it in a matter of minutes. She just became so fake all of a sudden. Is it bad that I was kind of hoping when that thing jumped out of the window with her, it decide to eat her? What's sad is I seemed to like her best friend Kim more than her. Now that girl was hilarious. But the things that really grabbed a hold of me were the sex and the cussing. The first time these two were together, whew it was just hot. Like mouth watering, grab me some ice and lets go sit in front of an air conditioner hot. Grrrrrr. The other time, it was so so. Yeah, that is correct, they only had sex two times. I mean that's not terrible but I just expected more from a demon and his Muse lol


 Overall I thought the story was ok. I liked the characters at first, later on I kind of hoped they got eaten by the bad guys and their dog. And the story started off great but again it just kind of went bye bye for me. These guys just seemed to perfect, everything worked out to quickly. to easily. Yeah they were down and you may think they were about to lose but it lasted for about 5 seconds then everything was peachy. There just wasn't enough action to the action. And the bad guys were kind of blah. I mean a smoke cage and a smoke blade? Ehhh I just couldn't see it working against a demon. There wasn't enough shock and awe for me. Now I will say the writing was interesting, at times I felt like I should be listening to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon while watching the Wizard of Oz. It was very trippy lol. Maybe someone channeled Edgar Allen Poe. And of course the weird side of me liked it. I also liked the songs that Trevor sang. So hot sex, odd interesting writing, so so characters and so so story led me to the book being a 3 ringer.


My song for this book: Change by Deftones.

Last Chance Reunion by Linda Conrad

Last Chance Reunion: Texas Cold CaseTexas Lost and Found - Linda Conrad

I was given this book from Netgalley for an honest review, 

 I am just going to combine these two reviews since this was done as two stories in one. I really liked these two stories>They both had a great combination of romance and suspense and I just couldn't wait to find out what had happened. I honestly could not put them down and read them in one sitting. The romance was sweet and heart breaking. It contained jut the right amount of yumminess to it to make you want a glass of ice water lol. I am telling you I was hooked. I loved Colt and Lacie from the first story. I loved how not just one, but both of them were just so stubborn. It was great to see that after all the junk life had thrown at them they realized they had what they were missing in each other. Made me tear up a little. And then in the second book we have Nina (Cami) and Josh. Once again I loved her, she had somewhat of a crap and mysterious start to her life but she was making it through it day by day. But then she works with Josh, a guy that makes her realize she no longer wants to be lonely. She soon finds out that he also led a sheltered life, but nothing like her. And again it was great to see that these two had each other all a long and never really knew it. I am a total sucker for a book that has great HEAs. I can not wait to read more from this author. 

My song for Texas Cold Case: It's Your Love by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw
My song for Texas Lost and Found: I Cross My heart by George Straight